Terra & Aqua Nature in Murcia

Terra & Aqua Nature in Murcia



The paradise in the city of Murcia already has a name, Terra Natura Murcia.


Terra Natura Murcia consolidates its position as one of the best and most spectacular nature and animal parks in all of Spain's Levante.


After just 7 years since its opening, the fauna and flora has evolved in such a way that, today, Terra Natura is a park of more than 165,000 square meters in which you can admire an incredible vegetation, with more than 500 copies different At the same time you can see the 400 different animal species, such as: giraffes, lions, meerkats, white rhinoceros, hippopotamuses, lemurs, brown bears, European lynx, Iberian wolves or our great novelty, the primates "Colobos" and "Cercopitecos" .


Zoo immersion:

It is one of the few Spanish parks where you can discover the new concept of zoo, the so-called "Zooinmersión".


Recreation of a habitat where the visitor can maintain direct contact with the animals through invisible barriers to the eye of the human being.



Challenge of the raptors:

The flight of raptors allows you to discover the beauty and skill of a wide variety of birds, such as: the majestic flight of the peregrine falcon, over 300 km, the eagle owl, several specimens of Harry's eagle, the griffon vulture, An example of marabou, the shielded eagle ... and a careful selection of mammals, among which are a European lynx, mouflon and coati. In addition, this spectacle of vertiginous flights will allow the public to interact with the birds as much as possible.


Aqua Nature in Murcia


And if you're hot, do not worry. At Aqua Natura Park you will find incredible pools and leisure areas for all ages. Slide down the slides prepared for use with floats in the park or on the soft slopes. And for the more daring, climb to the heights of the highest slides in the park and feel the adrenaline of descending at full speed.


A day of animals, fun and water!