SELWO MARINA Benalmadena · Malaga

Selwo Marina Benalmadena · Malaga




Who are we?

Selwo Marina is an innovative park concept, offering ways to approach and learn to respect its fauna with three objectives: discover, learn and have fun.


Animal Welfare

All the species at Selwo Marina receive the highest standards of care to achieve their maximum welfare, and always under the strict supervision of qualified personnel made up of vets, biologists and keepers.

The species of Selwo Marina live in controlled environments, wich are strategically designed to guarantee their maximum well-being. A team of expert vets, biologists and caregivers take care of the wildlife of the park.



Selwo Marina, through the Parques Reunidos Foundation, participates in different projects which aim to conserve and protect wild animals, with a section specially directed to threatened species and those in danger of extinction, defending the environment, biodiversity and raising social awareness of the problems facing the natural world. 


Winter: From 10:00 h. till 18:00/19:00 h.

Summer: From 10:00 h. till 20:00 h.