Flamenco Benalmadena

Flamenco Benalmadena



Open all year


Experience the soul cleansing effects of both Traditional and Pure Flamenco. You are warmly welcome in Costa del Sol and experience new things in the coastal land of beautiful beaches and rich culture as you dream with your feet under the passion and hidden language of dance. Flamenco Benalmadena in Costa del Sol is the perfect setting for not only Flamenco fans but both local and international who want to experience the Spanish art, culture and the gorgeous terrain of the coastline.


All the artists and professionals are well trained from the great city of Seville, which is also the birthplace of Flamenco. Flamenco is a living form of art, therefore, we improvise in the moment, communicate and most importantly we express by our heart. In Flamenco Benalmadena, the art is original and natural as it comprises of an intimate setting with no special effects or choreography. Just like in Traditional Flamenco, we perform by our heart to bring out the best for everyone.



2 shows at 20:00 pm and 21:30 pm